A film production, whether its purpose is art or profit oriented (or a combination of the two), is a hugely collaborative endeavor.

The newly incorporated Hand Craft Enterprises, LLC was formed to accommodate the pursuit of three overall business endeavors: 1) The development and production of indie, narrative fiction (Art) film 2) Narrative oriented commercial productions and 3) The marketing and distribution of narrative based audio-visual content.

As a scrappy small business rooted in socially relevant narrative projects, we look for any and all ways to develop the resources needed to fund projects that find a home under our roof.  We are a group of formally trained media producers who each have, on average, twenty years experience in producing narrative film, industrial video, live television, and/or new media oriented marketing.  We started our careers at the end of turn of the 21st century and watched, first in horror, then with an new found excitement at being at the forefront of a new world of media production, as everything changed rapidly leaving little of the production landscape recognizable.  As the monolithic industrial structure crumbles, we lose access to old techniques and practices but gain freedom to do work that would have been impossible 15 years ago.

Most of us started our careers with training in artistic storytelling, which traditionally requires a laser focus on a narrowly defined craft.  However, in this new media frontier, the freedom to achieve whatever we set our minds to gives us a way to expand our practice and grow our skill set to include a wider array of business tools to augment the creative ones that we’ve been working with since our bright-eye, bushy tail days of film school.  Throw in an Adverting / Marketing degree or two and we’ve got a pretty well rounded skill set that was formerly only useful to major Hollywood studios.

At Hand Craft Media, LLC we are engaged in all three modes of film production: Production, Distribution, and Exhibition.  In short, we are a “Studio”, small…yes, but a Studio never-the-less.  It sounds like a tall order for a few ordinary, middle-class college grads to think they can play in the big filmmaker pool, but it’s already happening.  The technology has gotten us here.  Now we just need to find the right talent who likes the direction we’re taking and bring them into the fold.  Below you will find any current opportunities to join forces with our team, to learn about the narrative production world while also teaching us a thing or two.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of an organization that is on the forefront of the new world of movies and narrative content, please contact us and let us know you’re out there.



Sept 1, 2019_Fall ADV internship letter_