e’d all like to be in the driver’s seat of a race car that has a large pit crew, but until we get there, I take what help I can get and then keep pushing forward. While I do, I want to deliver some good news and some great news.  Here’s the great news first!


1) Digital Dust-busting is 100% done This last reel was completed in record time.  As you may recall this was a fifth reel (the movie has only 4) due to a planning misstep but in the end the mistake was serendipitous. In the banality of this mundane chore, I discovered a couple new tricks that sped up my process considerably.  What I originally categorized as a work hazard, come to find out, was actually more of a lesson in “practice  makes perfect.”  I’m definitely getting in my 10,000 hours!

2) VFX Compositing.   Now that I’ve completed the roughly 30,000 frames, visually inspecting each one and dust-busting about 60% to 70% of them, I’ve turned my attention to the compositing shots that comprise the gunshot sequence.  Mariah was able to do some great work on this sequence, but had to turn to other projects, so I’m picking up where she left off.  I’m not very experienced with compositing but should be much better after completing the sequence.  I hope to be finished with compositing by mid February.

Nothing new here.  I’m still discovering new festivals, evaluating them based on their benefits and risks, cost etc.  My festivals file folder grows thicker with more research each week.


In order to send each supporter a copy, we have to get through the festival premier first because that involves creating a copy protected version, a process that will likely get done just in time for a festival delivery as there’s an expense involved.  However, I held one screening recently for a handful of people for the purposes of getting some feedback on how the film plays.  If any of you are in the Austin area and would like to participate in a similar screening, just send me an email and I’ll get you on the focus group list.  It will have to be a local screening only for several reasons, copy protection and quality control are chief  among them.

I hope your January has served well as a good start to your new year.  Mine has as we get so close to completion. This year is the year!

*** Thanks for your continued support.

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