It’s been a while since the last update but I wanted to hold off until I had something significant to share.  I’m happy to report the VFX work is nearly finished!

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Last time we met I referred to the Malcom Gladwell concept of 10,000 hours and the dust-busting work.  Now I realize that I was destined to dig into another 10,000 hours on the VFX side.  My report was delayed because the VFX tools are almost too flexible and there’s 100 ways to skin a cat so developing the workflow was time consuming. Fortunately there’s a sizable benefit to all that work. Upon completion we’ll have a custom workflow that matches our unique work style. 

Now that we’re mostly done with that phase, I’m more competent with the latest post-production tech that helps to further democratize filmmaking, and I can take this experience forward into the next film.


In the past, I haven’t touched on this as we’ve had bigger fish to fry, so now that there’s very little left to do, I’ll brief you on the end credits. 

Radio show voice over (VO) will carry forward after the picture fades out.  It serves as a sort of epilogue to give some context to the story world. Because a medium heavily influences how a story is told (Marshall McLuhan anybody?), both audio and visual elements must remain true to the fictional world created by them. Simply put, we’re making a movie, not a journalism piece. So the VO audio can’t be too on the nose. Film is a visual medium so we’ll need visual elements to augment the audio and help to provide some additional context for the audio. The creation of these last new elements involves capturing still images to cut together while the radio station plays. Shooting and editing is very straight forward, no special talent needed… just shoot edit, done.

The plan is to film the headlines from magazine articles, news stories, etc, and possibly use stock footage. To get this last bit completed, I’m sifting through my research to find the right stories. Half the day, I work on this and the other half on VFX. I’d like to shoot the images on super 8 film but logistics will likely dictate that we just shoot digital and then use plug-ins to mimic the look of film. I don’t know if the super8 hardware is very reliable these days (Kodak was supposed to release a new super8 camera but has let the project drop). Oh well, I have some nice filters so it should be fun to experiment with making digital look like film!

(Click Here For The Video)

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