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1) VFX Tests were good and the trip to East Texas went well. We now have real elements needed for the gunshot sequence.

The idea here is that we film desired elements in front of a green/blue screen and then remove the green/blue in post production. Then we composite the remaining elements over footage from the film. It’s a kind of layering of existing elements with new elements.

2) Digital-Dustbusting is 75% done.  Now that I’m back in Austin and I have a break from basketball, I can get the dust-busting started.

1) We did not hear back from Sundance yet so I’m thinking that means we did not get in. So the next step there is to contact the festival programmers after the festival is over in January to see if there are any notes that can benefit us in the future. 

2) I continue to review the update emails from Film Freeway each week to see which festivals are actively taking submissions. This gives us an opportunity to research the festival circuit. 

I’m building a spreadsheet with this information so that I can have a cross-reference document that will help with these decisions on this and future projects.

These are the general updates, but if you’d like to see a little behind the scenes video of the VFX work, click here for the Update Video.

Stay tuned!

*** Thanks for your continued support.

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