It’s been a month since our first film festival submission and If you recall, we submitted a work-in-progress. So here’s the progress report.

1) The last VFX shot:  We’re going to “composite” new elements over the existing film footage.  The timeline to shoot the new elements is December simply because that’s the soonest I can get over to the location. But I’ll also shoot some test elements over the next couple weeks so Mariah can test out the VFX workflow.

2) Digital-Dustbusting is 75% done.  As I prepare my move from Cali back to Texas for the NBA season, I’ve been traveling a lot, finishing up with MLS and getting ramped up for NBA.  The dust-busting is next on my list after shooting VFX test footage.

I did a ton of editing on the radio station parts and was happy to find that we had a pretty nice story within the main story. It’s too long to include the whole thing in the festival version because shorter is better (for programming reasons), but there will be a directors cut with the full radio show over a credit sequence with photos to give further context for the story world. 

I love that, while I never planned to use the whole thing, the full scene fits extremely well and adds bonus context material and entertainment value to the story world; yet another of many serendipitous discoveries.

I’m staying on top of myself to get these last three tasks done while also making time to plan for the upcoming festival entry dates.  All the tough decisions have been made and now it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other!

Stay tuned!

*** Thanks for your continued support.

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