I’m fully settled into Hollywood and my work with MLS, the LA Galaxy, and LAFC.  Since I arrived, I’ve also been  traveling to the likes of San Francisco, Portand, Minneapolis, Denver and Charlotte to work soccer games. For the NBA I’ve been to OKC, Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, Atlanta, New Orleans, Denver, Milwaukee, and Dallas. Amidst all this crisscrossing the USA, I’m finally reading Jack Keroac’s “On The Road”, a book that’s been on my list for a long time!

In fact, right now I’m sitting in Nostalgia Cafe in Salt Lake City, finishing up this update. The snow-capped mountains that run through the middle of town conjure up images of Park City, Utah in January….Sundance. Attending this legendary festival is definitely on my bucket list, but wow is it expensive!  I think I’m gonna need to get a film into the festival to be able to justify the expense.  Maybe this year is the year?!

Yes, Yes! Yaass!  The Land will be finished soon and the entry deadline is right around the corner, so where are we at with finishing The Land?


With plenty of time to spare, I’ve been tightening up the voice-over mix and re-recording some lines that I felt would work better. This audio has already been worked into the mix.

LOTS of GREAT NEWS HERE!  If you remember, there were two problems with picture..

1) The VFX exports exhibited some kind of glitch when exporting from VFX back to editorial.
2) While the dust-busting was completed for 3 of 4 reels, the export back to editorial on one of them didn’t look right.

After going through multiple rounds of tech support with two different software companies, we still had no solution. However, those sessions were educational and one day an idea popped into my head.  Long story short, testing proved that both problems were caused by the same settings mis-match!

What’s the lesson here?
“When the road darkens, remember, forward progress, illuminates the path.”

…and you can quote me on that!

Sundance is now accepting submissions for the 2023 festival. The regular deadline is August 19th  so we’ve got enough of time for minor tweaks before then.


  • Export VFX / Edit into the picture.
  • Edit finished sound/picture stems into the master project.
    • STATUS: 75% DONE
  • Record the standup bit (monologue).
    • STATUS: Not Done
  • Format and output the show / upload to film freeway for festival distribution.
    • STATUS: Not Done
  • Fill out Entry Forms – Sundance 2023
    • STATUS: Not Done

So we’re coming down to the wire.  Can you feel the sun on your face?!

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