The gaps in the updates are getting smaller!  It’s only been three weeks since the last one.  That can only mean good things!

Since the last update, I’ve been editing and mixing the VO into the movie sound track and we’re done! 

Full disclosure: I still have to record a monologue, but there’s no casting and I’ll record it in my bedroom.  As they say, “It ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.”

This is a big milestone for me because I needed to start a new career chapter on the film front and the TV front as well. 

Finishing the sound mix means that I could tear down the studio and plan for new things.  It also allowed me to fully move out of the Austin apartment and save money over the summer while I’m in LA.

I’m writing this update from the hotel in Las Cruces as Snoop and I make our way back to Hollywood. Man if feels good to get rid of all that apartment stuff! 

I feel free, like I can go anywhere (as long as they take super patient dogs:).

Heavy lifting is done and now we’re just troubleshooting a color space issue on the VFX system.

We’re working on getting a support contract to get it resolved. Then we just export and we’re done!

Full disclosure: As I mentioned before, one of our effect sequences didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped but base shots for it will be done on this round. Later, we can add in a top layer to get it the way I want it. 

This summer, Sundance is accepting submissions for the 2023 festival. The deadline is August so we’ve got plenty of time for minor tweaks before then.

Festival Submission Punch List:

  • Record the standup bit (monologue).
  • Export VFX / Edit into the picture.
  • Edit finished sound stems into the picture.
  • Format and output the show / upload to film freeway for festival distribution.

*** Thanks for your continued support!

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