One of the two remaining VO segments has been recorded! The last one should be fairly simple as it’s only one character.

The one we wrapped up a couple days ago was the improv scene which needed three seasoned voice actors and a pro comedian to pull it off.  It was a tall order for a no budget short film but we did it… it’s done!

All of the shots have been completed as much as they can be using our existing workflow.  So for the majority of the shots, we’re just tightening up on some effect settings after completing the heavy lifting.

So what changed? As we advanced through the process we recognized the need to rethink how to go about one tough sequence.  This one will be completed to a point allowing us to wrap up VFX enough to begin entering the film into festivals by the end of summer, while I work up the new plan for the tough effect.

At the end of April, I moved to LA to do some work with MLS for the soccer season. I’ll be back in Texas when the NBA starts up in October and I’ll also make a trip to Austin in June for a couple weeks so I can work on sound mixing since my sound rig is too bulky to relocate (for now).

While working on The Land I started a new project which is a short documentary series on artists. In April, I shot an interview with a Dallas based music artist for the first episode (or season… whichever it turns out to be).  The production went exceptionally well and I’m almost finished with the rough cut.  More on that later!

Festival Submission Punch List:

  • Cast/Record the standup bit.
  • Finish Round 1 of VFX / edit into the show.
  • Mix VO and ADR audio into the show.
  • Edit finished sound into the show.
  • Format and output the show.

*** Thanks for your continued support!

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