Strength and growth only come only through continuous effort and struggle.


We had our weekly meeting yesterday on visual effects work.  We’re still plugging along and I’ve gotten the first round of deliverables so I can proof the work in the native resolution and full color.  Three of the most important shots are still being worked on and will hopefully be ready to review soon.  Once I have these and the last two voice-over segments, I think I’ll have enough to start submitting to festivals.

With the scripted parts done, I’ve been able to focus on the two segments that require more specialized actors, the improv and standup skills.  I think the more difficult segment to produce is going to be the improv so that’s what I’ve been working on through December and January.  I’ve whittled the field down to about 12 actors from which I’ll chose three.  With the first round of auditions completed, I have more information on what they will need from me, something that was unpredictable before running some scenes. It’s amazing how we were able to do this live using virtual meeting tools.

My experience producing these improv scenes for the film is where the growth quote comes in. Traditionally, I’ve not been a fan of casting but it has given me a hard task that forces me to grow as a director.  I’m really starting to appreciate how some of the masters have been successful by choosing the right collaborators from the beginning. I used to think that a good director will be able to bring out the best in any actor but I’m seeing how that’s not really the case.  The process of “getting the shot” is very nuanced and the time spent with actors really helps to get a feel for what you can do and what you can’t relative to the original frame of mind regarding performances. 

So, now I’m going to spend the next three weeks writing the radio show dialogue that will give room for the actors to riff a little in order to achieve that desired authenticity.  When I complete that bit of writing by early March, I think I’ll be ready to do call back auditions and quickly cast the parts, rehearse and record.

There are more plans for a new project(s) but I’m not ready to drop the full announcement as I’m still working out details.  However, if you’d like to get hints on what it is, follow us on Instagram as this is the best place to drop the clues (@thelandfilms).

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