VFX work is moving along and we’ve been able to work out the round-tripping hiccups. All of the shots to be worked on have been exported, tested with our VFX platform and then re-exported by me and re-delivered to the VFX artist with appropriate changes.  Things are progressing well with some of the more simple shots marked- “complete”!

The voice talent for all of the scripted parts was cast over the last few weeks and we just finished recording them last week.  This week I’ve been editing, tightening it up relative to how the VO impacts the telling of the story.  I couldn’t be happier with the actors that we found through a nationwide virtual casting process.  The virtual recording sessions exceeded my expectations as well which opens us up to repeat this process in the future without reservation.

The main character (DJ Kat Quinn) was going to be a challenge because the VO functions partly as a narration device, which is tricky and can harm the production value of a film if you do it wrong. Serendipity shined down on us and an actual professional radio DJ that fit the profile contacted me on social media asking if she could audition.  I said “of course!” and knew after two minutes that she would play our “voice of East Texas” character and sure enough, on the day, our seasoned pro knocked it out of the park. Sweeeeeeet.

There are only two segments left to record and they require specialized skills, so we’re taking our time with another round of casting to find our specialized actors. The Standup bit has been written but is a little long. I need to spend a little more time, working the material, tightening it up. I’m visiting lots of comedy clubs for inspiration on the joke writing craft. The improv segment will be interesting because we’ll make it up on the day, which means casting is nearly as important here as with the main DJ role. I’m confident we’ll find our actors that are destined to bring life to our “radio on-air talent” characters.

The search continues… Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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