Quickie update. We’re a month into casting and we’ve gotten over 350 applications!  The first stage of cutting that number down is almost done for each of these roles.  Today and tomorrow, I’m hoping to have my short lists. 

We’ll potentially keep auditions open for another month. After the short lists are finalized, I’ll do callbacks for many of these roles and then make a choice.  As soon as the choice is made, we’ll quickly move to record.  Three of the roles are harder to cast so, I’m taking my time with them.

For the comedy oriented roles (standup comedian & talk show hosts) I’m brushing up on my improv training with the sixth class from my local improv theatre.  I also signed up for a standup writing class and we’re moving into the third week of five weeks. So those parts of the script are constantly being revised and I hope to have my talent for them within a month.  Then if all goes well, we’ll record these tougher roles after Thanksgiving. 

That’s our tentative schedule for voiceover.

The VFX round-tripping issues have been worked out and our VFX artist is working on the shots!

I can’t wait to do a post on the VFX work to show you the before and after…

Stay tuned!


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