Many will start fast. Few will finish strong

– Gary Ryan Blair

This is one of the most apt quotes I’ve ever posted regarding film making.  In this era of democratization of celebrity, journalism, film making, and everything else, this attitude is what will separate us pros from the dilettantes.  We’re taking the time to do it right rather that rush to finish.  Here’s the update video that describes our progress and plans to finish strong in September.

…is nearly done.  We ran into a software problem and have since gotten that worked out. (See video for details. Spoiler Alert… “Booo Apple App Store.”)

Recently, I shifted over to research and writing the radio station parts.  This is one of the most difficult elements to figure out, but immersion will cut through the fearful voice in my head saying, “what if it’s bad!”  That voice is just the motivation I need to tackle it.

I was able to reconnect with friends that may be of help as we continue the search for a VFX artist.  Both are coordinators in the animation/VFX production world.  One works in video game development here in Austin and the other works in feature films out in LA.  Hopefully one of them will have a lead for us in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let me know if you have any contacts in that world.

My target date for completion is still September first.  If successful, we’ll be in good position to start submissions to all the big film festivals, starting with Sundance.

That’s it for now.  Check out the update video for the deets!

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