The bulk of the journey through post-production is behind us!  Here’s a video that shows off the magic of digital VFX (visual effects) software.


I’ve been working on the dust-busting over the last month as the NBA season wrapped up.  I had a busy March and April but now the season is pretty much over so I have plenty of time to work on the film.  I’ve completed one reel and should finish up the second reel this week.

Next week I’ll make some phone calls to see if we can get a dust map scan from a new lab since there were some issues getting that delivered by the last one (long story.)  That last statement sounds negative on the surface but here’s why I count it as a positive. The producers role in the movie biz is often a contentious one. If you can get through a work conflict and get what you needed while maintaining relationships, that’s pretty much a huge success.  That’s where we’re at with Fotokem and I’ve signed off on everything closing out the project.  That’s a huge check mark on our punch-list!

Next week I’ll try to find a lab who can scan at least one reel for us to get a proper dust map.  This will speed things up a little and also allow our company Arcadia Productions to have a completed project using this custom film restoration technique that was developed specifically for The Land.  That will give us something for our reel that we can show to potential clients who need this kind of work on their own films.

While I continue with the dust-busting, I’ll also work to find a VFX producer who can help with a couple shots that can use a little window dressing.  I’ve started taking Krav-Maga to add another skill to get myself into tight film making form.  I also plan to add another writing workshop this summer that will allow me to develop a feature film idea that has been on my mind a lot lately.  That’ll keep my plate full this summer.

My target date for completion is September first.  If successful, we’ll be in good position to start submissions to all the big film festivals, starting with Sundance.

That’s it for now.  Check out the video link for the ten dollar tour through the dust-busting process!

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