Whew… the winter storm is over and the race is back on!

Last time I emailed you, we had the deliverables from Fotokem but there were a few discrepancies to work out. I made a list and sent it to the lab.

By mid-february we had some feedback. There was some back and forth and after a couple weeks, Fotokem delivered.  I made a few tweaks upon delivery but found that we had everything needed to move forward.  Now that the conform is good, I can render the footage into a format that our visual effects package likes to work in.  Here’s a couple photos of the process in action.

As COVID vaccines roll out I’m optimistic that we’re going to see a spring like we’ve never seen before. I’m eager to get back out there myself as we get back to normal and networking opportunities explode.  Austin is a big gaming town, so I should be able to find interested VFX producers to collaborate with.  Assuming I find a collaborator quickly, we should be finishing up the picture work around mid to late summer.  Then we add the sound and we’re done!

Happy 2021. We’re getting close!

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