Finally! They’ve arrived!

We’ve been waiting on our scans of the cut negative… actually they’re re-scans to correct a problem with the dust map files from the original scans.  These latest deliverables are proofs that needed my feedback, after which the lab will handle any necessary changes and re-deliver.  Wheeew, that’s so involved.

Fortunately perseverance is the key to progress.  We hoped it would be much easier than this but like they say, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” The good news is that we now have the kinks worked out and finishing speed will ramp up.  After checking the proof reels, I noticed a few minor problems but I think the lab can square those away pretty quickly.  I hope to hear back in January to find out for sure.

For more details on this conform process (a multi-stage process) check out the short 5 minute UPDATE VIDEO
Scattered documents litter a desk.  One is handwritten showing columns of head and tail timecode numbers in feet and frames.  One is a typed excel sheet printout.  On top is two external hard drives.
This QC process took me over a week to go through the entire film and provide notes.  Now that it’s done I feel like we’ve overcome a major milestone! 
The next step is get the changes from Fotokem and then start the dust busting process.  I’ll also feel confident enough to go ahead and put an entry for The Land on IMDB which ups our game in the biz with ratings and such.

for a more detailed explanation of our current status here’s the UPDATE VIDEO.

Happy Holidays!

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