THE LATEST NEWS – Professional Sound – Production Value Just Went Up!

“I hear the chorus, it is a grand opera, ah this indeed is music— this suits me”  
– Walt Whitman

Have you ever taken the time to listen carefully to the sound track in your favorite movie?  Ever wonder how they make it sound so real or imbue it with such emotion? 

Sound editing and mixing is an art, for sure.  There are many challenges we have to contend with, especially when on a tight budget or, on some days, have to contend with only half a crew.  Most experts agree that high quality sound is the most important element when it comes to the marketability of a movie and yet it is the one discipline that gets overlooked the most.

Fix it in post is a dirty phrase if you ask me, but inevitably you will have some problems to deal with in editing and the fix-it tools traditionally have been  difficult to access due to high cost.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this industry workhorse magic box appear on Ebay for only $400.00!

If you’d like to hear what difference it is making in our sound track, then check out the short video.  At the end, I’ve inserted a little stargazing time lapse footage that I shot recently at the same location where The Land was filmed.

Information on the status of our film scans is forthcoming… Stay tuned.
(Spoiler Alert…. You’re going to like the next update!)

Check out the video for more details on the DNS1000 and how we’ll use it to improve marketability for our film.. 


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