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Hello and Cheers from Las Vegas (Or as they say south of the border…Salud!)

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In this photo, it may appear that I’ve run away screaming from the stressful task of fund-raising.  Well, a week in Las Vegas would not be a bad way to do it, but no!  Actually, I was one of two NBA engineers (selected out of 40) chosen to support the NBA engineering department for the annual summer league.

My main source of income has been basketball for the last five years.  I work as a TV engineer at NBA arenas to support the league’s replay center and NBA Entertainment for international broadcasts. My typical season goes from about October through May then summer is pretty slow.  This is a double edged sword.  It gives me time to work on my film projects and writing, but of course, it takes time to build a career as a filmmaker and there’s no money coming in during the building phase.  The week I spent in Las Vegas was a nice boost to my regular income, so much thanks to my friends in Secaucus, NJ for the extra work.

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This means that I lost a week in preparation for the Indiegogo campaign and decided to push back two weeks, which in the big picture is fine because we have until October to get the perks delivered and finish up with the broad strokes in the film festival (distribution) plan.  It’s also welcome news for Cindy and Jason, our communications team since they get an extra two weeks to plan our social media posts and audience targeting for the campaign.

Checkout The Video for a short, two minute update from Las Vegas (with some cool drone shots of the town)

Recap: the launch date is now set for July 26th and the link to our pre-launch page is the best way to direct people towards the project.  Please share the following link with anyone you know who would like to stay up to date with our progress.

That’s it!

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