Happy Summer y’all!

It’s been a busy month with shooting and editing going on.  Yes, the shoot for our Indiegogo launch video is now in the books!  Special thanks to Steve Kinney, Robert Chavez, Mike Rubisch and Matt Caballero for coming through with equipment and labor for the shoot.
Since wrap on the launch video production, I’ve been working on a PRE-launch video cut.  The new software (Mocha Pro & Boris Continuum Complete) was used to create some visual effects.  This was a good opportunity to test out the software and start getting down a work flow for the VFX work to come.  It was a tricky technique where green posters placed on the wall behind me, had to be tracked in Mocha because of a moving camera.  Then the Boris Primatte plugin was used to replace the green posters with digital versions of movie posters.  There’s a little bit of a learning curve and it took some trial and error to refine the process.  The effect worked well and you can judge for yourself in this month’s video (link below).  BONUS: This video goes in depth into the background of the project and is the first showing of movie footage from the test scans that were done by Fotokem!  It also includes some of the sound effects and musical score done by our sound team!!

Now that the pre-launch video is complete, I’m working on a new version of the edit that will be used as the final launch video while planning the campaign launch that is set to go live on July 12th.  With the video done, I don’t forsee any more delays so….this is it folks!

Please share this landing page link with anyone whom you might think would be interested in the project:

Crowd building happens little by little over many years and I’ll need your help to take full advantage of this opportunity while it’s here.

I think with the great work that everyone is doing and with such a unique and highly visual and relatable story, we can run the table on this campaign!  Lets gear up and get sharing!  As always, thanks for your support.  Building our Film Fam can’t be done without Y’all.

That’s it!

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