See the video for the basics….here are a few last minute additions:

1) Planning the Indiegogo campaign, I’ve tested and settled on a social media management platform and other apps that will be used to allow team members to work remotely and to collaborate via the internet.  I’ll spend the next week working with Hootsuite tutorials and then getting a certification so that I can administer this powerful social media and project management hub and show others how to use it.  The interface is intuitive and makes the job much faster and easier.

2) I’ve been able to fill a couple positions on the Indiegogo campaign team.  Here are the ones that I have left to fill:

Campaign Manager

  • This is a coordinating role; stay informed with overall objectives & collaborate with other volunteers regarding progress.
  • Identify other roles that need to be filled, if any.

Communications Manager

  • Write press releases
  • Work in Hootsuite to collaborate with Team
  • Advertising campaigns on twitter ads, google ads or Instazood (as needed)
  • Handle the proofreading of E-mails and website Language
  • Work with assistants to look over social media posts; ensure the message/voice is cohesive between facebook, twitter, and Instagram

Design Manager (FILLED)

  • Review existing graphics & proofs for new infographics
  • Create handbills/posters/cards etc using existing photos, graphics, infographics.
  • Work with webmaster, using Images and information created by team members
  • Collaborate with webmaster to maintain a visually cohesive campaign.

Communications volunteer (writer)

  • Help write press Releases
  • Help with advertising campaigns on twitter ads, google ads or Instazood (as needed)
  • Monitor google analytics & create a weekly overview of ad campaign success.

Social Media Assistant (content creation)

  • Work with Outreach Team to drive connections through content creation
  • Brainstorm ideas for social media posts
  • Schedule posts using Hootsuite

Outreach Volunteers (1 FILLED – NEED MORE)

  • Work with Social Media Manager to Drive connections,
  • Work with Research Manager to ID Influencers, Niche Outsiders, Topic Groups
  • Create the master contact list to be used by the outreach team
  • Street Team – Post signage at coffee shops, pubs, public gathering spots that accept creative project postings

Have a great election day!


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