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I’ve been busy working on the studio upgrades, the film finishing and the crowdsourcing/funding campaign, while starting a new project also.  Sorry for the long delay on a new update.  Though it’s been a while, I think it will be worth the wait when I post the two part July (ish) update from LaLa land.

The latest involves Fotokem discussions regarding film scan tests and a trip to LA where I attend CineGear Expo, the largest film industry trade show in America!  I shot lots of video while there so, stay tuned!

Since finailizing the studio upgrades (future update), I’m working with Mocha Pro to animate a fictional sequence that I shot in the Hollywood hills, knowledge that will help with the VFX work needed for The Land (this is more involved that a talking head video….partly responsible for the delay).

Things are still progressing and I’ll soon turn all my attention to the Indiegogo campaign (which I still need help with).  I’ll send another update just ono that soon.

Have a great weekend!


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