The last four months have been extremely busy with the NBA work as well as crowdsourcing for “The Land”.  Now that the season has ended for the Spurs, I’ve been able to focus more on building the post-production system so that the finishing can be handled in-house.

This latest video picks up where we left off in January. The short version is that we’re on track for a September release as planned.  The IndieGoGo campaign has been pushed back one month due to the reality that this is my first campaign and I want to do it right.  Fortunately, I have already taken care of the social media and graphic elements they recommend finishing a couple months out from launch.  Outreach is the main focus now.  I want to have adequate time to do the email outreach that ensures success with the campaign.  My broadcast work is done until October which means I have the summer free to concentrate on the film!

The post-production work is in cruise control, so the main emphasis is on outreach and marketing.  You can make a huge difference here!  If you’d like to support the effort, the most important thing to do is spreading the word about the project and helping friends get on board through the newsletter.  This is the main way that I find my audience, keep in touch with them and also get their feedback which I use to adapt my work to my own special audience.  The future of media is interactive, so feedback is highly valued!

I’m new to being in front of the camera so thanks for your patience as I struggle with my stage anxiety and work to economize my spiel. This video is under 10 minutes and is tighter than the last.  Much more info in the video….enjoy!



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